auum-S une solution adaptée à tous les environnements de travail

A solution adapted to any work environment

auum-S revolutionizes cleaning to eradicate single use.

Cleaning a glass has never been that easy. Our device is an intuitive solution and its pure design suits to all uses and all work environments.

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To provide you with a 100% zero-waste experience we developed our eco-friendly range of accessories.
We offer coasters and trays designed as storage places for our auum by Bodum glasses. We also commercialize a wooden top, a classy cover that keeps your drink at the right temperature and avoid spilling over.


auum-S was specifically designed to be placed in a work environment. It is adapted to any situation : flex office, sharing or private spaces.

Our device is put next to the coffee machines in the cafeterias or rest areas. Co-workers can clean their glass after each use

auum-S en entreprise
auum accessories
auum by bodum coasters
auum glass usage
washing your glass
Clean glass
auum-S en salle de réunion

Meeting rooms

auum-S can be placed inside a meeting room to welcome guests with beverages served in our reusable glasses. Indeed, most people find it disrespectful and dirty to give them a mug and most companies are forced to keep a stock of disposable cups for them. Thanks to auum, visitors can finally be served beverages in decent and non-polluting containers.

Start a meeting
During a meeting
end of the meeting
Wash a glass
Put your glass back

Co working

auum-S is adapted to every co-working spaces. Coasters and wooden trays ease the self-service usage of these shared spaces.

auum-S en espace de co-working
Take a coffee
glass auum by bodum
Glass usage
Clean your glass
End of use


Organize 100% zero-waste events with auum-S.

auum-S is equipped with a water tank and drain pan. It does not need to be connected to the water supply which is perfectly adapted to showrooms, big meetings and all types of events.

Fill in the water tank
Independant device
Serve a coffee
Take dirty glasses
Clean all the glasses


In hotels or very premiums showrooms, auum-S can be used by the customer service employees to facilitate the cleaning of their containers.

auum-S dans les hôtels
Take a coffee
Waiting room
People clean their glass
Take dirty glasses
Cleaning glasses