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Revolutionize coffee break

Verre auum by Bodum

auum reinvents coffee break with the auum by Bodum glass.



Our glass is universal and was designed for an optimal cleaning.

You can enjoy all types of drinks with the insulating properties of its double wall.

A unique glass for a unique experience and an endless reuse.

verre auum by bodum double paroi

Double walled glass 25cl (8oz)

Verre personnalisable


Verre auum by bodum café
Verre réutilisable à l'infini
Verre adapté aux boissons chaudes et froides

Endless reuse

Suits all beverages

Customize your glass


Our auum by bodum glass is fully customizable.

Add your logo or the name of your co-workers. Sandblasting or color printed customizations are available.


Verre personnalisé logo en sablage
Les verres auum by bodum

auum & BODUM


Our collaboration was an evidence. Bodum and auum share the same environmental values. We needed an elegant, universal, transparent, and rounded glass to provide the best cleaning experience.

The auum by Bodum glass is a range declined from Bodum’s Pavina glass

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