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This is not an (ordinary) dishwasher

Discover the most sustainable alternative to disposable cups in companies

"Reusable shouldn’t be more expensive than disposable"

A single glass to replace disposable cups, but also traditional mugs

The cup we choose makes the difference on the environment. Mugs or disposable cups?

In average an employee drinks about 3 beverages per day. For a firm of 100 employees, it represents a total amount of 66,300 drinks per year and as many disposable cups.

Reuse is the only way to cut those abhorrent figures. However, reuse should be synonymous with efficient and easy cleaning. That means a cleaning method that requires a minimum of water & energy on the one side, and that is not time consuming or seen as a chore for employees on the other side. This is the solution that we offer.

auum-S was specifically designed to clean a unique type of glass: Our auum by Bodum glass

This unique glass optimizes the cleaning process and reduces drastically its water consumption, its energetical needs and its overall environmental impact.

Un verre unique pour remplacer les gobelets jetables

Recommendation rate by employees

More than 9 out of 10 employees would rather use the auum by Bodum glass at the office than their previous container (mug, disposable cup, water bottle...)

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Technologie de nettoyage auum-S

Tests carried out, on the most common microorganisms, by an independent lab certify that auum-S kills up to 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria.

High temperature disinfection to replace millions of plastic cups.

auum-S cleans, disinfects, and dries a glass in 10 seconds with only 2 cl (0,7 oz) of water and without any chemicals.

A simple, fast, and environmentally friendly way to reduce waste at work and end single use.

The compact and pure design of our auum-S device perfectly fits in any work environment.

Recommendation rate by employees

More than 9 out of 10 employees approve of our fast, simple and fun single-move cleaning solution.

auum-S technology fits every use in the office

The use in the office

Set up next to a coffee machine, in a canteen or a break room, Auum-S is a technology that allows your employees to clean by themselves.


The auum-S technology fits every kind of environment: offices, meeting rooms, co-working spaces, exhibition rooms, hotels or first-class waiting rooms.

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auum chez BCG
auum chez boursorama
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Groupe Vyv

They recommend us

They trust our solution

With auum,
become an eco-friendly company,
say YES to our sustainable solution

End single use now

“Our mission is simple. Ease reuse through a cleaning revolution”

Nowadays, more than 50% of plastics produced worldwide are thrown away after one single use

Our mission : End single use.

This mission cannot be completed without you. By “you”, we mean “the companies”. Together, we have the power to make a difference and eventually have a positive environmental impact. At auum, we are here to help you change your habits in order to reduce waste and reuse more.


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