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Let's end single use now!

Discover the most sustainable alternative to disposable cups in companies

Efficient and sustainable cleaning

Auum-S is a revolutionary glass washer. Fast, intuitive, fun, and above all more sustainable. It cleans, disinfects and dries glasses in just 20 seconds , with 10 centiliters of water and without any chemicals .


The most sustainable alternative to disposable cups and mugs within companies 

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Un nettoyage en 10 secondes

Rediscover how to enjoy cleaning

Who has never witnessed a mountain of dirty mugs piled up in the sinks and break areas of their company? Put an end to the chore of washing dishes at work. With auum, cleaning becomes simple, fun and instant.



of employees find cleaning their mug at work a chore*



of employees do not wish to empty a dishwasher at work*



employees rinse their mugs in the toilet sink*

* According to an Ifop study carried out for auum.
Employee behavior regarding beverage consumption in the workplace – March 2023

A single glass to replace disposable cups and traditional mugs

A reusable, elegant and timeless container to accompany you during your coffee break.

The auum by Bodum glass has been specially designed for the auum-S machine. Its rounded shape adapts perfectly to that of our machine for optimal cleaning.


auum-S technology fits every use in the office

The auum-S technology fits every kind of environment: offices, meeting rooms,

co-working spaces, exhibition rooms, hotels or first-class waiting rooms.

machine auum-S.jpeg
auum chez le groupeVyv.png

High temperature disinfection

Dry steam heated to more than 140°C cleans and disinfects the walls of the glass. In just a few seconds, auum-S kills and eliminates up to 99.999% of microorganisms (viruses, germs and bacteria, fungi, spores and yeasts).

An innovation in use combined with our patented SmartCleaning technology to revolutionize the cleaning and use of dishwashers in businesses.

Make the act of reusing as simple as the acte of throwing away


With an average of 3 drinks per day per person, a company of 100 employees consumes nearly 66,300 drinks per year. This generates a considerable amount of waste.

Our mission is simple: put an end to single use.

With auum-S, we offer you a real alternative to disposable cups. We are here to support you in the evolution of your practices, to reduce waste and promote reuse.


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