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Eco design

Efficiency” is one of our key values.

Every component has been studied very carefully to keep the most sustainable ones. Our goal is to manufacture all the pieces of our device as close as possible, in France or in Europe.

Our product is consistent from A to Z. We chose the best materials and reduced the number of plastic pieces in the machine.

We can offer a second life to all our auum-S devices thanks to well-thought recycling or reconditioning processes.

Usine d'assemblage auum
Assemblage de la machine auum-S
Gros plan assemblage de la auum-S
Pollution cannettes
Façade machine écologique auum-S
Pollution métal

A rental model, a sustainable model


Our goal is to offer the best services to companies with our ergonomic and intuitive device and our unique glass. 


We don't want our device to end up on a beach.

We developed a sustainable model : a renting package with included maintenance services.

We are yearning to give our customers the best experience and a permanent comfort of use. That

is why the machine is available for rent.

Solutions available in companies



the auum-S device

Gobelet jetable en carton

Cardboard cup


Carboard cup is often considered "environmentally friendly". However, it has a very contrasted environmental impact! To be fully waterproof, cardboard cups have a layer of polyethylene plastic (PE). This plastic layer is impossible to separate from the carton layer and prevents its recycling. It usually ends up being incinerated.

Carbon impact (kg CO2 eq)

58 x more

than auum-S

Water Consumption (liters)

76 x more

than auum-S

Mug réutilisable



The mug is one of the most chosen solutions in companies to stop single use and have a better environmental image. This solution, although stemming from a goodwill, is far from being perfect. It does not answer climate and usage issues, especially because of the lack of adapted cleaning solution.


Like any reusable solution, its impact is mainly determined by its use and its lifespan. Its environmental impact is different depending on the cleaning solutions used.

Mug washed in the dishwasher


The dishwasher is more adapted to small structures. It is a great solution when several types of containers need to be cleaned. However, the process is time-consuming and requires chemicals, water supply and often a restrictive in-house management.


Carbon impact (kg CO2 eq)

2,6 x more

than auum-S

Water Consumption (liters)

12 x more

than auum-S

nettoyage à la main

Mug washed with tap water


Washing with tap water causes a drastic increase in water and soap consumption. The cleaning is often badly done, time-consuming and painful for the employee. It is also a real source of tensions between co-workers.

Carbon impact (kg CO2 eq)

2,6 x more

than auum-S

Water Consumption (liters)

100 x more

than auum-S

Machine de nettoyage éco-conçue auum-S

Reduce waste at work

auum-S reduces water and energy consumption in

companies and participates to drastically reduce waste.

One auum-S for 150 employees corresponds to:

  • 130 000 liters of water saved (34 500 gallons of water saved)

  • 99 450 disposable cups avoided


A technology “Made In France”

We are very proud to be certified by the French label “Origine France Garantie” (Guaranteed French Origin).

auum-S is the result of a deep French knowledge and know-how. Our device is entirely conceived and assembled in France.


The supply chain is very local as well, more than 70% of all the components are from France.

Made In Europe

Research & development

Logo auum factory


The auum-S device is developed in our office near Paris


Logo France


More than 70% of the components come from France

Logo auum-S


auum-S is ready to be delivered to our customers



The auum-S device is assembled

in our office near Paris

Logo Auum Factory
Logo fabrication des machines

Chassis manufactured in France

Machining of components in France

Injection of components in Spain

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