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This is not a (simple) dishwasher

auum-S is the most powerful and environmentally friendly cleaning device on the market. 


This concentration of technology is the result of 3 years of R&D and several patents.

How it works: Glasses are cleaned, disinfected, and dried in a record time of less than 20 seconds. It provides an instant cleaning experience.

auum redesigned existing technologies to reduce water consumption and ban chemicals. This is a revolution in the cleaning area which has known no major innovation since the Sinner Circle Theory in 1959.

Machine auum-S en fonctionnement



How can we describe our solution?

Our device is neither a glass cleaner, nor a dishwasher... auum-S can be described with the concept of “Omnization".

This neologism is the combination of two other words : "optimization" and our name "auum" [Om]. “Omnization” refers then to the most efficient cleaning experience and our ability to reuse to infinity.

 “Omnization” also means devoting our entire strategy to change consumption habits and help reduce single-use.




Traditionally, "perfect" cleaning requires washing products adapted to the action wanted (degreasing, scouring, descaling, etc.), and to the types of surfaces which need to be treated. Sinner Circle identified four simple and inseparable tools to complete this mission: chemistry, mechanics, heat and time. All reunited, these four elements can ensure an effective cleaning.

Smartcleaning, brings a new vision of cleaning. It creates something more intelligent, more environmentally friendly and pushes the limits of optimization. Our society has known the world before the SmartPhone and the world after. It is now the dawn of a cleaning and endless use revolution.

auum reinvents the Sinner Circle with a new cleaning circle: the auum circle.

XXL Cleaning for an XXS Dishwasher

The auum-S device is 4 times more compact than a conventional dishwasher...but it is also 6 times less energy consuming and 360 times faster!

The glass is encapsulated between two surfaces to provide a very precise cleaning. Seven nozzles inject steam at high pressure and high temperature on the glass. Six seconds later, the steam supply stops, and a high-speed turbinated air flow is sent over the glass to dry it and cool it.

 The result: a remarkable efficiency.

Le lave-verre le plus puissant
schema usage machine auum-S

The single move


auum-S carries the ideology of an unforgettable user experience: instinctive, playful, and up to the challenge of the fight against single use.


We decided to end “single use" and replace it by a "single move": a simple task for an instant cleaning and an endless use. Put your glass down into the device and wait for auum-S to wash it in a few seconds. In the past, we used to create waste and put disposable cups into the trash can. Now, auum-S is born to disrupt cleaning by making it simple and environmentally friendly. It eradicates single use and promotes long lasting containers.

More than 2 000 cleaning cycles per day


A classic dishwasher is designed to perform an average of 220 washes per year. It consumes around 12 liters of water per cleaning cycle and needs to be replaced after 1500 uses. Our auum-S is made to perform almost 4 million cleaning cycles! Our device is 2600 times more resistant than a traditional dishwasher! Besides this technological feature, we worked to develop one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly products

Plus de 2000 cycles de nettoyage par jour
auum-S désinfecte les verres

Steam technology


When the boiling temperature of water is reached, it changes from liquid to gas. Once it turns to steam it can condense again very quickly to the contact of a cold air flow.


Small particles of liquid water remain suspended in the steam. This mixture of liquid and gaseous water is called wet steam. Our auum-S device is based on dry steam technology. This patented technology heats the steam to over 140 °C (284 °F), high above the boiling temperature of 100°C (212 °F). By increasing the thermal energy of the steam, we can obtain amazing new properties and high performances using a very small amount of water.

When performance serves the environment


Our mission is to improve performance in order to combine ecology and technology. Ecology is sometimes associated with archaism and inconvenience. However, washing a glass in a sink consumes 25 times more energy than our technology.

Why not offer a new "zero waste" experience that is up to the challenge of endless use?

Simple, playful, fast and environmentally friendly! Our auum-S device offers a plain and responsible experience.

The Dual Patent



All our efforts serve the same objective: to use the smallest amount of water. How ?

This patent is based on a new container perfectly adapted to obtain revolutionary cleaning and a bespoke tool which completely encapsulate this glass. Inside the capsule, steam can accelerate and evacuate quickly the “waste”. We have chosen to be completely transparent and share our technological advances by making our patent public. We wish to allow important improvements in the field of cleaning and provide solutions to help reduce waste in companies.

La technologie brevetée dual
Conception auum-S

Disinfection at 140°C (284 °F)

The main element of our technology is the dry steam heated at 140°C (284 °F).

The dry steam sent on the glass’ walls during the cleaning sessions kills all viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, germs and yeasts. Tests made by independent third-party laboratories certify that our technology eliminates up to 99.99% of micro-organisms.

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