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Sustainable Engineering Solutions Take Center Stage:Fairmat Unveils Innovations at JEC World 2024

The auum-S machine on the Fairmat stand at JEC World 2024, with a new Fairmat front panel made from recycled carbon.

Fairmat, a leading deeptech specialized in recycling carbon fiber and manufacturing advanced recycled materials, will unveil innovative solutions at the upcoming JEC World 2024 from March 5-7th. Seamlessly integrating advanced recycled materials both inside and outside, featuring also a bolder and modern rebrand as Fairmat pioneers new advanced recycled materials and sustainable industrial solutions to reinvent and impact the lifecycle of carbon fiber. Discover how Fairmat transcends the boundaries of carbon fiber composites at JEC Booth 5 E 22.

Fairmat's presence at JEC World will be marked by a series of notable highlights, including a keynote at Composites Exchange on March 7th at 11:30 am, where Benjamin Saada, Founder and CEO of Fairmat, will take the stage to present "Deep dive into Fairmat: unlocking new possibilities with recycled carbon fiber." This session promises to offer unparalleled insights into Fairmat's commitment to sustainability and innovation, as well as its transformative use of recycled carbon fiber in engineering applications. Location: Agora 5.

Inside Innovation: DPS Skis Carve the Future with Fairmat Carbon Fiber

Fairmat's collaboration with DPS Skis, the renowned manufacturer of premium carbon fiber skis, marks a revolutionary milestone in ski technology and carbon circularity. DPS is globally recognized for its 20 year commitment to innovating in ski design, product durability, and uncompromising performance. This development and manufacturing partnership is focused on commercializing Fairmat’s CFRP Chips within the ski’s composite laminates. Thomas Laakso, Senior Vice President at DPS Skis explains,DPS has long sought after a non-compromising solution to the complications in recycled thermoset composites. This partnership with Fairmat is the only viable path we see that not only supports our sustainability goals, but does so while also elevating performance.

Innovation at Scale: Fairmat Collaborates within Withings

Adding to its client portfolio, Fairmat is proud to collaborate with Withings, the leader in connected health technology, to introduce a structural reinforcement made of Fairmat’s recycled CFRP Chips into one of Withings’ future scales. “Withings is consistently pushing the boundaries of design and functionality in its products to solve technical challenges and bring to market innovative products. By collaborating with Fairmat to integrate their advanced materials into a key component of our premium Body Scan scale, we have achieved a remarkable reduction in product weight. This will not only help to reduce logistics-related costs but also upgrading ressources by giving them a second life. It also offers new opportunities in terms of technical and cosmetic capabilities for future projectshighlights Antoine Joussain, Product Manager on the scales at Withings. At the core of this engineering and design solution, lies Fairmat's innovative technology, producing 100% recycled CFRP Chips—advanced materials. These repurposed materials offer increased strength while maintaining a lightweight profile, achieved through Fairmat's advanced mechanical processes, robotics, AI, and data-driven manufacturing. Fairmat's emphasis on user-friendly solutions promises enhanced versatility, setting a new standard in product design that is both environmentally and economically responsible, while significantly improving customer experience.

Outside Innovation: Fairmat's Aesthetic Enhances AUUM's Eco-Friendly Solution

Meanwhile, Fairmat's partnership with AUUM, the trailblazing startup pioneering eco-friendly glassware cleaning, introduces a paradigm shift in sustainable design. Launched in 2019, AUUM helps companies replace disposable cups with reusable, eco-friendly solutions. Aware of the problems associated with cleaning, it has developed the patented auum-S technology. This solution allows a glass to be cleaned, disinfected and dried in just a few seconds, using only a small amount of water and no chemicals. Here Fairmat's expertise extends beyond the confines of product interiors to redefine exteriors, exemplified through the sleek, durable side panels of AUUM's auum-S glass cleaner. By infusing AUUM's product with Fairmat's aesthetic brilliance, this collaboration not only enhances visual appeal but also underscores a commitment to sustainability and innovation. "This collaboration with Fairmat is tangible proof that when two entities that share the values of innovation, sustainability and advocacy for reuse come together, the potential to create a positive impact is multiplied." shares Clément Houllier, CEO and co-founder. It's a synergy of form and function that transforms everyday products into icons of elegance and eco-consciousness.

Commenting on these innovations, Benjamin Saada, Founder and CEO of Fairmat, remarked, "Our collaborations with DPS, AUUM, and Withings epitomize our ethos of engineering excellence and sustainability. Fairmat has developed a unique and sustainable technology using material science, data, and robotics that permits the recycling of a broad range of carbon feedstocks, including both uncured and end-of-life products, using the same process. This innovative process creates recycled carbon fiber that can be used for applications such as interior structural reinforcements, impact surfaces, and exterior design finishings. By seamlessly integrating our advanced recycled material both inside and outside products poised to enhance electronics, sporting goods, mobility, and beyond, we are not only redefining industries but also setting new benchmarks for innovation and environmental stewardship."

About Fairmat:

Founded in 2020 by Benjamin Saada, Fairmat specializes in recycling carbon fiber, manufacturing advanced recycled materials and providing connected industrial solutions. Fairmat partners with clients across industries, from electronics and mobility to sports and lifestyle. Headquartered in France with a manufacturing facility, an office in Spain and over 130 dedicated employees, Fairmat is actively expanding in the USA and globally.

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About auum :

Created in 2019, the industrial company Auum, which stands for "Arrêtons l'Usage Unique Maintenant" (Let's End Single-Use Now), aims to prevent the billions of disposable cups being thrown away in France every year. To achieve this, auum helps companies to replace disposables with reusable and ecological solutions. Aware of the challenges of cleaning, Auum has developed a patented and integrated technology called auum-S. This solution cleans, disinfects and dries a glass in seconds with a minimum of water and no chemicals, in a single movement. Certified Made In France, auum-S is offered for rent with integrated maintenance and installation services. Since 2021, Auum has been the cleaning solution of choice for major international companies.

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