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Cleaning, disinfection and drying.

Time: 10 seconds

4 Wh/cycle and 2cl (0,7 oz)  of water

Drain pan

Water tank:

1.6 litres (56 oz – 0,6 gallon)

reconciles mankind consumption and environment

Our device auum-S cleans, dries, and disinfects a glass in 10 seconds.

The steam technology eliminates 99,9% of the viruses and bacteria without any chemicals. This process reduces water consumption by cleaning with only 2cl (0,7 oz) of water.

Experience a positive future

"Let’s build a world where price is not a drag to reuse, but a promoter"

An all included package

Not only our auum-S is an environmentally friendly machine, but it is also an economical cleaning technology designed to promote reusable containers at work. Companies shouldn’t have to pay more in order to offer their employees a more sustainable and playful way of consumption the planet. This profitable cleaning solution comes with an all included renting package.

A simple and intuitive cleaning

auum-S is easy and playful to use. A single move is enough to clean and disinfect a glass.

Put your glass into the device and take it back 10 seconds later. The glass is cleaned, disinfected and ready to be used again.

auum-S makes cleaning easy and pleasant for all.


Instant cleaning

auum-S is the result of 3 years of research and development. It completely changes the cleaning experience. Our technology offers a fast and immediate cleaning with a single move. The glass is disinfected in 10 seconds, with 2cl (0,7 oz) of water and no chemicals. This patented technology uses dry steam heated at 140°c (284 °F) to provide an environmentally friendly cleaning and an infinite reuse.

Les verres auum by Bodum

The auum by Bodum glass

Our glass is designed by our Swiss partner: the glassmaker Bodum.

This glass is the perfect match for our auum-S. Its rounded shape fits into the device to provide the best cleaning results. It allows a true optimization of the resources needed to clean, disinfect and dry the glass.

Light, resistant and timeless glasses made in borosilicate.

Our service



Service and maintenance




Lifetime and recycling

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