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From single use to single move


auum-S is a revolutionnary cleaning device.

It cleans, disinfects, and dries a glass in a record time to promote long-lasting containers at work and end single use. 

10 secondes

2 cl (0,7 oz) of water

No chemicals

Disinfection at 140°C (284 °F)

Dry steam patented technology

You are

Be part of the revolution

You are looking for a solution to reduce waste in your company?

Join our committed companies community abroad.


We are looking for investors to support our project worldwide


We are looking for distributors to collaborate abroad  


You work for in industrial company?


We are interesting in collaborating with new suppliers 

"A single move to end single use"

auum-S is an instinctive and playful device, up to the challenge of the fight against single use. 

A single move and a few seconds are enough to clean and disinfect a glass.


An instant cleaning experience and an endless use

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